RF Signal Detector, Hidden WiFi Camera Finder, Personal Self-Defense Alarm, Anti-spy Bug Sweeper, Pinhole Camera Lens Scan, Hotel Office Door Alarm, Luggage Movement Alert Safety Device

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RF Detection: Wireless signal detection,detect Hidden WiFi cameras, cell phone signal bugs,built in micro digital controller for adjust level of sensitivity of the received RF signal, with a memory records function, next time turned on the device, it can be go to last settings automatically,without adjustment and quick start working, to detect hidden spy WiFi Cameras,mobile phone signal bugs, GPS locators Pinhole Camera Lens Scan: Hidden pinhole camera lens scanning: adjust the 4 infrared red lights always on or flashing quickly, emitting red light to illuminate the target area, through the infrared filter observation window of the device, you can find the reflective points of the hidden pinhole lens for assistance to find hidden cameras in hotels, homes, and offices. Personal Alarm: One-button Self-Defense Alarm: One-button push up, the device will emit 130db alarm sound and infrared light flashing, produce sound and light alarm, red light can cover a range of more than 50 meters at night, used to remind the surrounding people, the user is in danger, it is suitable for children, the elderly and ladies wolf-proof safety equipment for emergency help when they are in danger while indoors or outdoors. Vibration Sensor Alarm: The hotel door vibrates alarm and the luggage movement alert: Hang this device on the handle of the door in hotel, home, office. When the door is opened, the vibrate sensor is triggered, it will emit a 130db sound alarm and red light flashing, when you are tired and need to rest in a public place, hang this device on your luggage. When someone moves or touches your luggage, the device will produce sound and light alarm. Emergency Torch Light: Flashlight emergency lighting: This function is suitable for outdoor emergency lighting, find the keyhole when you go home in dark, emergency lighting at night, the range of lighting is 16 feet.