RF Signal Detector,2021 Upgraded Anti-spy Bug Sweeper,Detect hidden WiFi Spy Cameras,mobile phone signal bugs, GPS locators

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G728 is the most advanced portable wireless signal detection equipment,especially for the special processing of CDMA signals.Conventional radio wave detectors can not detect CDMA signals.You can use the telecom's mobile phone card to make a phone call and test the sensitivity of the detector.Has a small transmission power and is not easily detected by conventioal wireless detectors.The tracking locator commonly used in the market basically use CDMA cards,so the T8000 is your best choi Is there a wireless bug or location tracker installed in the car or office,and whether there is a suspicious wireless signal in the environment Is your mobile phone being or abnormal(transmitting signals without any reason during standby),detecting wireless network signals,mobile phone signals,wireless monitoring systerms. Does your working environment,residential building have radiation from the roof of the building,and household applicances such as microwave ovens are waiting to leak electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to the human body? Check whether there are suspicious wireless signals in hotels, toilets, hotels, entertainment venues, business negotiations, locker rooms or not. RF Detector: Detect Hidden WiFi cameras, cell phone bugs, wireless listening device and GPS tracker, built in high sensitive digital micro controller to control the RF signal sensitivity in 6 levels, simply press the button to adjust it.