RF Bug Detector,Detect Wide Range Radio GPS Frequency,High Sensitive Wireless Hidden Camera Sweeper (Black)

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  • The Most Advanced Wireless Detection Equipment - Portable wide range radio frequency detector of CDMA,WiFi Signal,2G,3G,4G.It can easily find out wireless hidden camera,make your privacy safe.
  • High Sensitive - Super high sensitivity with adjustable threhold,stronger anti jamming,wider range of detection frequency.Accurately detect and find the 5.8GHz mini hidden camera,1.2G/2.4G wireless IP camera,2G.3G.4G cards with bugs and locators,high speed uploading vehicle watch gps trackers and cdma 4G signal to prevent be pursued,monitored and intercepted.
  • Latest Dual Antenna Design - Dual band performance enhancement,high gain antenna,combined with professional radio waves,search signals are faster,anti interference is stronger,and unlocking azimuth distance detection is more accurate.
  • Wireless devices with a range of 1MHz to 6.5GHz can be detected in a range of about 10 meters without interference.
  • 1Mz-8000Mhz full-band high-gain antenna, the closer to the suspicious signal, the louder the alarm

Radio Frequency Signal Hidden Camera GSM Detector
Professional radio wave detection device with high sentitivity,adjustable threshold and large detection frequency range
As loong as the power switch + sensitivity switch,easy to operate,accurate and reliable
It can detect the positioner with mobile,2G,3G,4G card
It can detect high speed upload GPS locator packet locator.It can detect 1.2G,2.4G wireless camera

Frequency Range:1MHz-8000MHz
Detect Dynamic Range:Greater than 73DB
Detection Sensitivity:Lower than 0.03mw
Detection Range:2.GHz wireless camera,10 square meters 1.2GHz wireless camera
Indication Mode:9 level LED lighting indication,variable tone indication
Power Supply:Built in 3.7V polymer
Working Time:15-25 hours

Package List
1 x Detector (Battery Built In)
1 x Antenna
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual

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