Pocket size GSM CDMA 3G Cell Phone Signal Jammer | Mobile Phone Jammer

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Mini Pocket GSM CDMA 3G Cellphone Jammer Mobile Phone Signal Jammer not blocking 4G signals

This 3G jammer is used to prevent many problems related to mobile phone networks of different standards in any country of the world. 3G wireless frequency is also affected by this product. Many digital threats like surveillance, eavesdropping, private information stealing, illegal location tracking and others can be effortlessly prevented when this device is in your pocket and works.

Effective Frequencies:
European Frequencies: 3G, GSM900 and GSM1800
American Frequencies: 3G, GSM850 and GSM1900
Jamming Power: 57dbm
Signal Coverage: 1-5 meters
Power Supplier: Power adapter and battery
Operating Current: 700mA
Battery Parameters: 3.7V 1300mAh Li-ion, works up to 2 hours, recharging takes 2.5 hours
Power Adapters: AC 110~250V 5VDC, Car 12~24V 5VDC, 2000mA both
Antennas Info: 3 x SMA, 3dbm each (built-in)
Size Information: 97x44x20mm
Total Weight: 68g jammer, 500g package
Work Temperature: 0~50 Celsius
Air Humidity: 5~80%
Please contact us for OEM or ODM for specially request


1.This model jamming range about 1 ~ 5 meters, depend on your location network signal intensity, for some place near to network station may not working;

2. This Jammer not blocks any 4G signals, if you need block 4G please choice other model.

Albatross blocks these devices completely:
Stingray II
Telesoft Technologies HINTON Abis Probe
Cambridge Consultants small cell tower
Pong Research Case

Albatross blocks these devices partially:
TP-LINK Mini Pocket Router
FinFisher FinSpy Mobile
Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-connect
Mushroom Networks ThirdEye
HawkEye 5300
CalAmp LMU-2600
Utimaco DRS
Navizon Indoor Triangulation System
Wolfhound cell phone trackers
Scan & Target Scan Surveillance
RF Design u-blox
Motorola PDA MC-75

Kindly please treat your Jammer the same way you use your Mobile Phone
Virtue Design
A: Look like Mobile Phone.More hidden
B: Internal Insulated Antennas
C: Replace Battery by hand, same like mobile phones
E: High Quality Design, Low heat anticipation, Continues operation
F: Can continue to work when charging
this GSM blocker is one of our oldest models, however it's still one of our top-sellers, because of quite low price and great specifications, a lot of people still want to choose this model.

Package Content:
1 x Cell Phone Jammer
1 x Power adapter
1 x User Manual

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