14 Bands Cell Phone Jammer,Blocks 135mhz to 2600mhz,Blocking GSM 3G 4G and radio frequencies all in one

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14 Bands Cell Phone Jammer,Blocks 135mhz to 2600mhz,Blocking GSM 3G 4G and radio frequencies all in one

This 14 bands cell phone & low frequencies jammer support jamming 135mhz to 2655mhz, effect range up to 20 meters(depend on network signal status), it's cheap solution to install the device in vehicle to protect your car not be in dangerous of road bomb, it cover all low frequencies of all remote control,also blocking GSM,CDMA,3G,4G network signals,suit for gas station,school,church,bus and any important place to keep in secure.

This full spectrum signal jammer is with 14 channels. RF output power of each channel is no less than 1 watt, effective shielding any cheating signal.And one important thing is :the antenna is hidden inside,cut all the signals but not easy be found where the jammer is.
The jammer adopts DC 19 power supply. It is equipped with a precision voltage regulator circuit, even if the voltage fluctuation is changeable, it also won't affect the normal work.
Host cooling structure of shell is by professional design. It can endure high temperature environment, by transferring heat quickly to the heat exchange surface , avoid heat local accumulation.
Two mute fans instant remove the power amplifier heat, to ensure the stability of the host long continuous operation.
it is suitable for use in school examination rooms, prisons, clubhouses and government departments.

Effective Frequencies:
150M: 135 - 200MHz
250M: 200 - 300MHz
350M: 300 - 400MHz
450M: 400 - 500MHz
550M: 500 - 600MHz
650M: 600 - 700MHz
750M: 700 - 800MHz
CDMA: 851 - 894MHz
GSM: 925 - 960MHz
DCS: 1805 - 1880MHz /PCS1930 - 1990MHz
3G: 2110 - 2170MHz
WiFi: 2400 - 2500MHz
4G: 725 - 770MHz
4G: 2620 - 2690MHz


Output port Frequency Average out-
putting power
Channel out-
putting power
150MHZ 135-200MHz 30dBm 6dBm/30KHz(min)
250MHZ 200-300 MHz 30dBm 1dBm/30KHz(min)
350MHZ 300-400 MHz 30dBm 1dBm/30KHz(min)
450MHZ 400-500 MHz 29dBm -2dBm/30KHz(min)
550MHZ 500-600 MHz 29dBm -3dBm/30KHz(min)
650MHZ 600-700 MHz 29dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
750MHZ 700-800 MHz 29dBm -2dBm/30KHz(min)
CDMA 851-894 MHZ 30dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
GSM 925-960MHZ 30dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
DCS 1805-1990 MHZ 30dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
3G 2110-2170 MHZ 30dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
WIMAX 2300-2400 MHZ 30dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
WIFI 2400-2500 MHZ 30dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
4G 2620-2690 MHZ 30dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
Power supply: AC adapter (AC220V-DC19V)Weight :3.5kg
Semidiameter of interception:2m-50m(depend on site signal strength and environment condition)
Working Hours:Continuously more than 24hours Power consumption :80watts
Humidity: 30%-95% Running Temperature: -20 to +55 Celsius Degree

1 x Cell Phone Jammer
14 x Antennas
1 x Power Adapter

Design of soft-start circuit, this function can maintain the stable operation condition, avoid mechanical switch to produce lighter phenomenon.
with good cooling system, can operate for long time.
It is a high-tech product made by our company .it adopts foreign advanced technologyand imported components to ensure the quantity and stability.
Effectively making subsections of frequency spectrums, just interfering downlink and causing no interception of base station
Perfect Alarm System, fully protected circuit in case of disconnection of antennas.
this jammer is with 14 bands ,can block all mobile signal and radio signal.
the antenna could be designed inside or expose to the air!

1. Conference room, auditoriums, law court, library, exam room, school, cinema, theater, museum,hospital etc.
2. Places where using mobile phones is prohibited such as Service Station,Security Services,Military Units, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement,Customs, etc.

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